Warriors of Prayer

The purpose of this page is not for requesting prayer. It is for signing up for the Broken Walls intercessory team, who prays FOR Broken Walls.

There has been a call for the warriors to Rise Up to meet the challenge! As warriors, God has given us different parts to play. I thank our Creator for stirring the hearts of those who intercede in prayer on behalf of Broken Walls. There have been so many times where the vision was more than we could reach, but because of the intercession that has gone before us and faith in our hearts, we have seen the “seemingly impossible” fulfilled — time and time again!

The Broken Walls team goes out with blessing in our hearts for all those who we come in contact with. God has been showing me in many ways that we must be planting the seeds of blessing. Our battle is not with flesh and blood — it is fought in the spirit realm! We are commanded to love and bless all men. I am praying that the peace and love of God will be presented and planted wherever we go.

The vision for our intercessory team was planted in my heart 6 years ago and has continued to grow and be a force in seeing the call of Broken Walls fulfilled. At this time I am calling our team to “pray the blessing.” When we were in Israel we were called “Warriors of Prayer.” We want to be just that to all people. I truly want to see all First Nations people become a people of blessing. We have seen that when the hosts of the land speak blessing there is an increase in the breaking of the curse on all people. A true warrior’s heart is one of forgiveness, love and blessing, Lord, let this be seen in our lives!

Jonathan Maracle


If you are interested to be part of ‘Warriors of Prayer’s Team, fill out our Contact Form >> and type in the Subject “Add me to the Warriors of Prayer’s Team”