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Healing and Love for Communities

Healing and Love for Communities

The commitment to excellence that Broken Walls brings to all aspects of their visits can only be experienced. Words fall short of describing the energy and spirit which radiates from… Continue reading Healing and Love for Communities

Impacting deeply

“The first time I saw Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls perform live was in 1999 at a First Nations Christian gathering in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was also the first… Continue reading Impacting deeply

Building others up

“One of the main things we noticed about Jonathan was his willingness to lift others up and to encourage them to use their giftings for service to the Lord. He… Continue reading Building others up

Authentic and passion-driven

“After nine years of mission partnership, it is hard to conceive of a more authentic and passion-driven love for Native people, their communities, and their families than the heart within… Continue reading Authentic and passion-driven

A living testimony…a loving inspiration

“Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls are a living testimony of walking in godly forgiveness and expressing the cry of the First Nations people through music and powerful lyrics.We have had… Continue reading A living testimony…a loving inspiration


“I still remember the first time I heard Jonathan say, ‘My faith in Christ has helped make me a better Indian.’ Until that moment I had tried and failed to… Continue reading Trailblazing

Building Bridges

“Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls, carry a clarion call to see the First People across Turtle Island walk in the original intent of Creator God in worship, dance and prayer.… Continue reading Building Bridges